Monday, October 24, 2011

Ancient Dion with My Parents and the Triplets

My parents came to visit for a few weeks. One day, earlier this month, we took a trip out to Mt. Olympus to see the ancient city of Dion, where Alexander the Great massed his armies before heading out on campaign.

Of course, after driving over an hour there, I should not have been surprised, after these years in Greece, to find the site closed due to strike. It was also not completely surprising that a kindly Greek caretaker let us in anyway so that we could wander around on our own. In the photo above, you can see Mt. Olympus in the background.

Above, Phoebe walking on the ancient city's main road. Below, Paul found a bug to play with on the main road.

Above and below, Paul climbed up on some ruins to get an overview of what was inside. Below, my dad is standing with him.

After our visit, we drove over to the nearby village of Litohoro, a well-known mountain resort town popular with people from Thessaloniki in the summer, and had a fabulous traditional Greek lunch at the fanciest Greek restaurant I've ever been to.

For a few more photos from the outing, click here.

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