Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Visiting with Herman and Michael

Last week, our friend Herman Middleton returned to Thessaloniki to lead a trip to Mt. Athos. Herman spent many years here in Thessaloniki, where he completed a BA, MA, and PhD at the Theology School. He's also author of the popular book Precious Vessels of the Holy Spirit.

The weather has turned lovely here lately, so we spent some time outside in the backyard playing with the babies. Above, our friend Michael Tishel is taking a turn on the trampoline.

To get the babies out of the house, Michael and I then took them to one of the monasteries here in Panorama, Kimisseos, for Vespers. They have speakers in the courtyard around the church which allows the babies to be outside and still hear the service.

Here are the boys at the front of the church.

After Vespers, we then headed over to a little nature area in Panorama called Platanakia. The babies immediately found three little vehicles to ride.

We then walked around the little zoo area to see the animals. One of the rabbits had escaped, so the babies liked chasing him around.

Here come Michael and Paul. You can see some of the areas for the animals to the left and right.

When we got back, Herman took a turn trying to do a backflip before the sun went down. Here I caught him in mid-flip.

For a few more photos, click here.

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