Thursday, May 05, 2011

Agios Prodromos and Peristera

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Last week, on Friday of Renewal Week, we went with Paris for lunch at Agios Prodromos, a village in the mountains of Halkidiki that is well-known for its grilled meats.

It was partly cloudy, but we had a few moments of sun in which we played outside in the yard behind one of the restaurants. Above, Phoebe and I sat in the swing.

We also showed the babies how to blow the seeds off the daffodils.

We hoped to eat outside, but it started raining after awhile so we moved inside. Fortunately, we came at a time when it wasn't busy, so the babies could run around inside after they finished eating.

On the way back home, we stopped at the little mountain village of Peristera to visit the 9th century church dedicated to St. Andrew the First Called. Originally, it was the main church of a monastery but is now a parish church in this village of about 1000.

It has a unique five-dome architecture that is being studied by the archaeological and architectural students in Greece. I learned about the church when I was translating a new pilgrims' guide to the Metropolis of Ierissos, the Holy Mountain, and Ardameri.

Most of the inside seems to be been burned by a fire at some point, but there are some traces of the original mosaics and frescos, including a bit of the Pantocrator in the dome.

The courtyard around the church is an area in which the village children gather to play. The babies joined in.

Above, Benjamin. Below, Paul and Paris.

For a few more photos, click here.

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