Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Phoebe Comes Home!

Yesterday (Monday), the hospital called us to tell us the good news -- Phoebe was ready to be discharged. Weighing in now at 4.5 lbs, Phoebe gained a full pound during her 25-day stay and is doing very well. Above is a photo of mother and daughter as they emerged from the nursery for the first time.

When we got home, Phoebe went in for a little quality time with her brothers.

Then the photos began in earnest. :)

Here is yiayia with her three newest grandchildren -- from left to right, Phoebe, Paul, and Benjamin.

Here is mom with all three.

And here is the whole family, with the babies in matching outfits.

Finally, here is Phoebe finally getting her name with the eighth day or "name-giving" prayer.

May St. Phoebe the Deaconess, the "Helper of Many" (Romans 16:1-2), intercede for her continually.

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yudikris said...

Glory to God! Many years! :)