Friday, July 18, 2008

Here Come the Serbs

On Wednesday evening, four of my Serbian friends from the Theological School in Belgrade came to Thessaloniki on their way to the Holy Mountain. All four of them are in the school's Byzantine chant choir, and they are probably my favorite to listen to. I LOVE their church and their community at the Theological School in Belgrade. Next month, 15 members of the choir are going to the US, at the invitation of our bishop, Bishop Maxim, to give concerts across the US.

Anyway, the guys stayed with me until they left for the Holy Mountain early Friday morning, and we had a nice time.

On Wednesday evening, we made a nice dinner together -- these guys know how to cook! We even had the real Serbian taste! This was pretty good eatin' for a guy living by himself this month.

In the top photo, we're looking out over our garden from the back porch.

In the second and third photos, four guys are busy trying to cook. In the last photo, we're eating outside on our porch with our neighbor, James Lillie.

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