Saturday, July 19, 2008

American Cook-Out

On the way back from Souroti, we stopped at the grocery store so that we could have a good old-fashioned American cook-out. I showed the guys how to make American-style hamburgers (within European limits -- see, for example, the tiny grill in the second photo). They made a great big Serbian salad and we headed next door to the Lillies for a very nice lunch. At the end, the guys treated us to a few songs. The first one they did, "Christ is Risen," elicited from our landlady upstairs, "Don't stop! Keep singing!"

Anyway, the guys headed off to the Holy Mountain very early Friday morning. Later in the day, an American visiting from Santa Barbara, CA was returning from the Holy Mountain and I invited him to spend the weekend here with me (rather than at a hotel) before heading out early next week. On Monday, two other Americans (friends from Spokane, WA) return from the Holy Mountain and will spend one night here with me before heading out.

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