Sunday, April 27, 2008

Palm Sunday in Providence

On Sunday morning, my friend Razvan (a friend from my days at Brown) picked me up in Boston and we drove down to St. Mary's together. My homecoming in Providence (Pawtucket to be exact) was complete. Palm Sunday is perhaps the most well-attended service of the year in many ethnic Arab parishes, so I saw everyone from my old parish on Sunday.

As you'll notice from the photos, I had to wear my dark vestments since that was all that I had. The top photo is from one of the petitions at the beginning of the Liturgy. The second photo is from the Great Entrance. The third and fourth photos are from the procession at the end of the Liturgy. As you can tell, we were blessed with gorgeous weather. (In fact, the weather during my whole 12-day trip in the US was beautiful.) It was the absolute best of New England weather (a rarity!).

After the Liturgy, Fr. Isaac's wife, Kh. Dolly, prepared a delicious fish meal for many of the OCF students. It was a great blessing to see everyone again.

On Monday, I headed back to Boston to catch the plane back to Greece -- to celebrate Holy Week and Pascha.

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