Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Third Trip to Mt Athos!

God willing, I will be heading to Mt Athos for the third time next Wednesday, Feb. 14 with two other Americans here.

We will spend the first night at the Romanian Skete of the Honorable Forerunner (see the bottom right corner of the map -- it is unmarked, but located on Cape Timiou Prodros).

The second night we will be at the Great Lavra (Megistis Lavra, also in the bottom right of the map). The Great Lavra is the oldest and largest of the Athonite monasteries, and first in the hierarchical order.

We haven't secured a reservation for the third night yet, but we're hoping for Iviron or Karakalou (see just north of Megistis Lavra).

For those interested in more history, wikipedia has a good article on Mt Athos here.


papa herman said...

What a nice way to enter into Lent, may you have a blessed pilgrimage.

Larry the Barista said...

Good stuff as always. I posted a Greek Coffee blog, as per your request!


Susan said...

Just came across your blog. We go to St John the Baptist in Beaverton, Or.
My husband is from Greece, I hear you about the driving over there. Its just as dangerous to be a pedistrian!!!
Have a good lent.
I will follow your journey!
Im sure you know the Gardners that went to Thessalaniki too.