Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Morning with the Romanians

When day broke on Friday, the monks were kind enough to give us a little breakfast (they themselves took only one meal that day). The top photo is of the trapeza where we ate. The little nook you see at the front is actually where the monk reads from during the meals. The Romanians must be an incredibly small people!

The middle photo is of the main doors to the narthex of the katholikon. I’m pretty sure they’re gold.

After breakfast, the monk Fr. Gabriel (who spoke very good English) gave us a tour around the monastery, including the cemetery, where the bones of all the Skete’s former monks rest. The bottom photo is of the main floor of the cemetery building, where the skulls are lined up along the wall. Downstairs, the bones are organized by type.

The skull you see with some writing says (in Romanian): “Where I am, you will be. Where you are, I was.”

He then pointed us in the direction of the cave of St. Athanasios

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