Thursday, June 25, 2015

Triplets' Sixth Birthday

The triplets recently celebrated their 6th birthday. The day began with a friend coming over and opening some presents, as you can see above.

Then I took the kids to an indoor playground so that Pres. Pelagia would have time to prepare the house for the big party. Despite being June, the weather here has been unpredictable, and that day was full of rain and thunderstorms.

Pelagia decorated the balcony with balloons and homemade hula hoops, which all the kids took home with them after the party.

We even found a clown to come to the party for a few hours for games and face painting in the courtyard.

Here they were playing something like dodgeball.

Finally, it was time for pizza and cake. Pelagia made three individual cakes and each of the kids helped design their own cake.

They were topped with sparkling candles.

Before being consumed with ice cream.

Phoebe with her cake.

Paul as Captain America.

Then, high on sugar, the kids went back to play more with the clown.

The party ended with some small fireworks, which the kids loved. Just as the party was ending, the hiatus from the rain ended, with everyone joking that we must have "some good connections" for the weather to have held out so perfectly for the party.

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Linda said...

The triplets are adorable. Lovely photos and post, thank you so much for sharing. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)