Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Catching Up: The Kids, November 2014

First Paul, then Benny. Here's a photo of Benny helping out as an altar boy.

One day, Dami and stopped by our chanter Nikos' house while Pelagia was at the dentist nearby. Here, Dami is cuddling with Nikos.

Here's Dami waving the Greek flag from Ohi Day on October 28. 

Here's Paul getting his haircut with our good friend Vasilis at his shop downtown in Volos.

After the haircut, the boys and I stopped at the fire station nearby to visit our chanter Nikos. He let them play in the truck, turn on the flashing lights, etc. Here's Benny trying on a fireman's mask.

The kids decided to paint Dami's face with markers.

One day, we went for a walk in Makrinitsa. Here are the kids standing in the entranceway to Makrinitsa's cathedral church from the 1700s. Above the arch here is the bishop's house, which is now to be used as a museum.

It seems some kids forget two skateboards in our church courtyard, so our kids have been having a good time riding them down the incline of the courtyard. They even took turns giving Dami rides.

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