Monday, September 22, 2014

Skopelos with Aunt Makrina

Back in June, Pelagia's sister, Kh. Makrina, came for a visit with her son. Together, we went for a fews days to the island of Skopelos, specifically to Panormos beach.

The boat ride was about 3.5 hours. Damiani wandered around the deck, making friends.

Here's Kh. Makrina as we enjoyed lunch at Panormos.

Sunset at Panormos.

The view from the house we stayed in.

One day, we went to the island's capital, also named Skopelos (but often called Hora). The island is littered with small chapels. It is said that there are actually 365 on the island, one for each day of the year.

Walking around in Hora. We were trying to find the church with the relics of the island's patron saint, St. Riginos, but we never managed to connect with the person with the key.

Here's Phoebe swimming around in the water in Panormos. It was one of the most beautiful beaches we've been to, with a beach of small pebbles.

Here's Paul eating some grilled octopus for lunch, while his American cousin looks on with incredulity.

Damiani took a nap on the beach with some makeshift shade.

On the night before we left, we sent up some Chinese lanterns, which the kids really enjoyed.

For more photos, click here.

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