Friday, June 27, 2014

Damiani's First Birthday

Back at the beginning of June, we celebrated Damiani's first birthday. She's walking everywhere now. Here she is, above, walking even on the tricky cobblestone paths around our house -- with the help, of course, of her big sister.

The weather is getting hot. Here are all the kids enjoying homemade fudgecicles on our balcony.

Here we are at one of the playgrounds in Portaria.

And here's Damiani opening her presents on her birthday. Of course, her brothers and sister were only too glad to help.

Pelagia made a colorful butterfly-shaped cake. Here all the kids are helping Dami blow out the single candle.

Here's Damiani climbing the steps into the chapel of St. Tryphon. You can see the kids' bikes in the background -- they like to ride them around the porch surrounding the church (one of the the only flat spaces in hilly Portaria).

And here she is cleaning up some ice cream.

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