Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Kids' Ski Lesson

Last year, the boys had their first ski lesson at the ski center in Hania, just 20 minutes up the mountain from us in Portaria. We promised to go again this winter, but the winter has been so mild that there really haven't been many chances.

A couple weeks ago was our chance. On Saturday morning, our friends Apostolis and Stavroula accompanied me and the triplets up to the ski center, where the kids had a ski lesson. Although Phoebe had been too afraid to try it last year, this year she was gung-ho. While we waited for our lesson to start, and to fortify themselves, the kids first "repaired" to the ski lodge for a hot chocolate.

Here's Benny.

And Phoebe.

Paul on the tow-rope.

Paul heading down. You can see the ski lodge off to the right.

Phoebe really liked skiing and they're all eager to go again.

Here's a little video.

And here's Benny collecting his skis to return them to rental center.

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