Thursday, August 08, 2013

Damiani's First Sunday Liturgy

The next day after the Liturgy, Fr. Joseph and I celebrated Liturgy again here at Holy Unmercenaries'.

Damiani's new godmother had the chance to again bring her for Holy Communion.

I don't know about elsewhere, but in Greece the tradition/custom is to lead the newly illumined with a lampada (large candle) to Holy Communion for three Sundays.

(In Greece, by the way, "lampada" means a large candle, while "candili" means an oil lamp. I've noticed these terms are often switched in the US, for some reason. I suspect it has to do with the fact that "lampada" sound like "lamp" and "candili" sound like "candle.")

Here's Fr. Joseph reading the Dismissal at the end of the Liturgy.

And distributing antidoron. Pictured above is the church's neokorisa (from Ancient Greek), meaning church cleaner/caretaker. The other, less official term, for her position translates literally as "candle-snuffer."

Here are people enjoying the cool breeze outside the church after Liturgy.

And here is our friend Froso holding Damiani as we had a coffee at our house afterwards.

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