Wednesday, May 15, 2013

American convert tonsured a nun in our Metropolis

His Eminence Metropolitan of Demetrias Ignatius characterized the tonsuring of the new nun from America as "A joyful Resurrection event."  He stated "Love dares... just like the Myrrbearing women who out of great love put their own lives in danger so they could reach the burial place of our Lord.  A love that is wholehearted, real and authentic.Just like the Myrrbearers silently followed the Lord, from then on, thousands of souls follow the Loved One."
Referring to the new Nun His Eminence said "She was born in the Western world which has its own experiences and its own culture, but there are many things that it can give, and proof of this is her presence here with us.  She was baptized into the Orthodox Christian Church with the name Fotini and has now been integrated with her second and "irrevocable baptism", with the name Theokliti, into this most beautiful spiritual family.  Our Monasteries are a huge wreath which surrounds our local Church, our faithful, each of the Monasteries with its own aroma of incense..."
At the end of His speech He said "Let us pray, that she follows the steps of the Myrrhbearers, that she is always faithful to the Bridegroom Christ, obedient to the Abbess and to the rest of the nuns in the name of our Resurrected Christ, and that she brings the Gospel of Joy, the Gospel of Truth, the Gospel of Righteousness, the Gospel of Peace, and finally the Gospel of Love with her vibrant prayers to the souls of the people."
He thanked the Abbess, Theodekti and the spiritual father of the Monastery, Fr. Athanasios for all the sacrificial work they do.
The new nun took on the name Theokliti ("chosen by God") and has already completed the five year trial period at the Monastery, during which she was able to learn quite well the Greek language.
See photos here.

(This took place at the monastery our parish visited back in December.)

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