Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Kids

And now for some photos of the kids. They like playing with my camera, and Benny in particular has a penchant for capturing some good shots. He took the one above of Pres. Pelagia and Phoebe.

And here's Benny running after a basketball in the courtyard around the church (next to our house). There's a small portable basketball net in one corner that the few neighborhood kids play with, so I take the kids out there to play. Benny is wearing his chef hat, as well as his knight outfit, while playing basketball here.

And here's Phoebe playing with us. She dressed up as a princess and holding her pink umbrella to fend off the light drizzle. The winter has been quite mild, temperatures usually in the high 50s, but we have been hit hard by colds and various viruses the last month or so, and I think we're ready for spring.

It's especially challenging to be inside with three lively kids in a small house. One of the ways Pres. Pelagia has kept them amused is by making Phoebe her very own bubble-wrap wedding dress. Phoebe loves it!

One Saturday, we all went down to Volos to do some shopping and take the kids to Goody's (like a slightly upscale McDonald's) with a playground they love. As you can see from the photo of Paul above, the kids loved it. (He's drinking the melting remains of his ice cream.) The weather was great that day and we took a walk along the waterfront, where the Goody's is located. Volos is in such a beautiful location!

On the way back, we stopped by a river that come down the mountain into the city and explored along the rocks for awhile.

For a few more photos, click here.

Finally, here's a video of the kids with our Columbian friend Maria, whom I mentioned in the last post. They're dancing as she plays "La Bamba."

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