Monday, September 03, 2012

River Swimming Outside Vrastama

We've been living in between Thessaloniki and Portaria as we try to get the new house ready. After the feast of the Dormition, we were back in Thessaloniki. One day, we stopped at a park in downtown Thessaloniki where the kids like to see the turtles. In the photo above, you can see them trying to get a view from the bridge down on the fish and turtles. In the background, you can see Pelagia standing at the next bridge upstream.

One day, we went to visit our friend Angela at her village house in Vrastama.

She took us to the locals' favorite summer spot - a secluded spot in a mountain river with lots of small pools and rocks to climb.

We went with our friend Iakovos, another American studying theology here in Thessaloniki. 

Iakovos let the kids try on his goggles, which they loved.

For a couple more photos, click here.

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