Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sunday School Outing to Kilkis

Back on April 28, our parish here in Panorama had an outing for the Sunday School kids and teachers to a park in Kilkis, about an hour north of Thessaloniki.

Since spring had just started, the park service hadn't yet been by to cut the grass, etc., so it was a bit overgrown, but the kids had fun. Above, you can see one of the girls from Sunday School walking around in the woods with the kids.

Here, Phoebe is trailblazing through the tall grass.

Benjamin is making his way through the grass to join a game with the older kids.

As usual in Greece, no space is complete without a reminder of God. Here, Phoebe is coming out of the little shrine after lighting a candle and venerating the icons.

The entrance to the park.

The parish brought a grill and meat. Paul helped his godfather Paris with the grilling.


At one point, the kids lost a ball--and then two--up in a tree, until someone was brave enough to go up and get it.

Fr. Panayiotis and Paris rotating the souvlaki. While the meat cooked, the Sunday School teachers organized a game for the kids in the woods.

Paul played a little volleyball.

After we left the park, we stopped at another park with swings, etc., for a few minutes on the way home.

For a few more photos from the day, click here.

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