Thursday, February 09, 2012

Snow in Greece

Contrary to many people's perception, it does snow in Greece. Much of Greece is mountainous, so snow is common in those areas, especially in northern Greece (see our photos from the ski area in Zagora, for example).

In Thessaloniki, it's not often that the snow actually accumulates to anything. In fact, Greeks are so unused to having snow on the ground that it's practically a national emergency if the road has any white on it. Nevertheless, every few years we get an accumulation, and this is one of them. The winter here has been the harshest and coldest in several years, after two very mild winters.

The photo above is of our backyard this morning. Interestingly, down in the center of Thessaloniki, right on the water, there's no snow. This is up the hill in Panorama, about 7 miles or so from the water. In the photo above, you might be able to just barely make out the water.

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