Monday, September 27, 2010

The Babies Meet Some American Cows

On Saturday, we took the babies down to the American Farm School in nearby Thermi to visit a recent graduate of the Religion Department at Florida State University (where I did my Master's), who just arrived for a one-year internship at the school. We were put in touch by my old professors there and I wanted to welcome her to Greece.

As it happened, they were holding an exhibition of eco-friendly modes of transportation, and one of the items on display was the Segway, which they kindly allowed us to take for a "test drive." In the photo above, you can see Pelagia "zooming" down the road (the speed had been capped at 10 km/hr). You can see the school's church to the right.

In the photo below, Pelagia's getting the feel for the scooter. There are no buttons or pedals. You accelerate by leaning forward and brake by leaning back.

The parents of the 4-year-old triplets who live in our building gave us this triple-decker stroller this past week, so we tried it out here. Each stroller is independent, but they can also be linked together. Unfortunately, there is no sidewalk in all of Greece that could handle a stroller this wide.

We then took the babies on a little tour of the Farm School. The highlight was visiting the cows. In the photo above, you can see our American friend, Ashley, along with me, the babies, and the cows.

Another shot with the cows. The cows seemed very interested in the babies and were quite friendly. One of them licked Benjamin with its long tongue. We then went to see the baby cows, and one of them sucked on Paul's hand; he wasn't quite sure what to make of that. But the babies liked the cows and learned how to go "moo."

For a few more photos, click here.

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