Friday, August 06, 2010

Ana and Coreen

Our niece Anastasia (and Phoebe's godmother), and Pelagia's cousin Coreen arrived without incident on Wednesday and we've been enjoying their help and company. Today, Friday, we took them and the babies for a swim at the famous beaches of Halkidiki. The water is usually quite clear and very calm, but today it actually had waves, which the babies really enjoyed. Paul walked right in and enjoyed braving the waves as they rushed up onto the sand. Above you can see Anastasia with her goddaughter enjoying the water. It's been very, very hot here recently, so everyone enjoyed the relief.

Our friend Angela (a convert to Orthodoxy from Scotland who's lived here about 25 years) came with two of her children as well. In the foreground to the right, you can see Angela's daughter Myrna with Phoebe. In the center, you can see Ana, Coreen, and Paul.

Here's Angela with Phoebe.

Pelagia and Benjamin braving the breaking waves.

Paul and Phoebe working on a sand castle project together.

Myrna and Phoebe eyeing each other up.

The babies seem to make a lot of friends on the beach. Here, two girls from FYROM (our neighbors about 45 minutes to the north) befriended the babies. Benjamin was flirting with the one on the left.

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