Saturday, July 17, 2010


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On Sunday afternoon, which was another beautiful day, we decided to take a trip out west to Edessa. Originally, we had thought about going to Ormylia, which is east in Halkidiki, but the traffic on the weekends in summer is so atrocious that we decided to play it smart and head the opposite direction, away from the crowds. So we headed west about 1.5 hours to Edessa and its beautiful waterfalls.

When we arrived, we parked next to a little park, so we got out and let the babies move around a little. Just over the past few days, Phoebe is starting to try taking steps. Here, her yiayia is helping her try to take a step.

We then walked over to the top of the waterfalls. The babies were really fascinating with the rushing water. Here, Paul and Benjamin are looking at the water as we stood on a little bridge over it.

Paris and Pelagia with the babies. Here the water is approaching the point where it makes its dramatic drop over the sheer cliff.

Paul and Benjamin checking out the water.

The city of Edessa runs a great restaurant right on the waterfall. Here we are eating lunch there. In between the gate and the building in the background runs the water.

The old city of Edessa is quite rustic. It would make for a nice, quiet getaway.

This is one of the B&Bs at which you can stay. This particular place also has a cafe overlooking the valley below. Inside the cafe, on the ground floor, a large part of the floor is glass, through which you can see a section of the ancient city's wall, which dates to 400 BC.

There are many churches, including two Byzantine churches from the 14th century. Here we are inside the 14th century church dedicated to the Apostles Peter and Paul. You can see the marble columns and capitals, as well as the frescoes above them.

The front of the small little church to Sts. Peter and Paul. To the south is a view over the valley below.

Here our group is coming out from the church and heading down one of the cobblestone alleys.

The 14th century church dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos was the former cathedral and now stands adjacent to the offices of the Metropolis of Edessa, Pella, and Almopia. Here, Phoebe is crawling around in the courtyard. Through the gate you can see the Metropolitan's car parked in front of the offices. (You can always tell a Metropolitan's car in Greece because they have a special license plate that reads an abbreviation of their title, in this case "M.E.P.A." It's safe to say they probably don't get pulled over much.

Here's Paul sitting on top of a marble base in the courtyard in front of the church, while Phoebe tries to climb up.

Before heading home, we went for a coffee at a cafe next to the Metropolis, overlooking the valley.

The cafe had a train engine that the babies rode. Here Paul was the conductor while Phoebe looks on.

Paris and Phoebe in front of the offices of the Metropolis as we walked back to the car.

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