Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Photos!

I've gotten some nice emails from people thanking me for the photos and stories of the Jerusalem trip (thank you all for your kind words!), but I know what people really want is more baby photos. Well, don't worry, we have them, I've just been delinquent in preparing them and putting them on the blog. So, as I try to catch up, here is a post of some photos from the beginning of the month.

Above, my dad is playing one of the babies' favorite games, which involves showering them with bubbles from this bubble-making gun that we got from a street vendor in downtown Thessaloniki (which probably came by way of China). Amazingly, the bubble-making gun is still working after more than a month!

Here they are enjoying the bubbles.

Here Benjamin is helping fold some laundry.

Then Paul decided to help him.

Matching outfits.

Here the babies were playing with a lovely Christmas present from their Yiayia Sophia -- handmade personalized stockings, with their names in English on one side and Greek on the other.

Here my mom was playing with the boys. Paul was laughing out loud.

On Sunday, January 10, our good friends Kalliopi and Justin (a Greek girl and an American guy) invited us all to their house for lunch, along with their 11-month-old son Michael and Kalliopi's mom.

Here Paul was playing on Michael's rocking horse. Michael is in the foreground.

Paul's godfather, Paris, also came with us. Here he's helping Paul on the horse.

At the end, Pres. Pelagia and Benjamin performed their tricks, which Benjamin loves. They basically involve Benjamin being spun all around and, as you can see from his face here, he loves it.

For more photos, click here, here, here, and here.

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