Friday, October 09, 2009

The Babies Hit the Beach

On Thursday, we celebrated Pelagia's nameday with Divine Liturgy at St. Basil's Church in the middle of the campus of Panorama's private Orthodox Christian school, Apostolos Pavlos (Apostle Paul). Priests from our parish of St. George's serve the school, which has over 1200 kids from K-12. During the school year, there are usually at least two weekday liturgies per week, and the grades take turns coming to church. Their teachers lead them in singing all the responses. It was here (photo to the left) that I served my first Liturgies after my ordination to the priesthood in February. I will especially always remember the very first Liturgy, which was with the kindergartners, who all enthusiastically sang the Trisagion Hymn. After the Liturgy, the day was full of people coming by and calling to wish Pelagia a happy nameday, as is the pious custom here. Να μας ζήσει!

In the afternoon today, Friday, Pelagia, Benjamin, and Phoebe took Rebecca to the beaches of Halkidiki. The weather has been beautiful this week (sunny with highs around 80), so it was lovely time to do it before winter sets in. Below, Rebecca is relaxing in a lounge chair with Phoebe.

Pelagia and Benjamin.

Rebecca and Phoebe.

Pelagia, Benjamin, and Phoebe all put their feet in the water.

Phoebe (with her cute hat) and Benjamin lounging at the beach. Dad, you may be wondering, stayed home with Paul. (No minivan yet!)

For more photos, click here.


Pres. Irene said...

Expecting 17 degrees tonight in Spokane. The beach looks wonderful!

Alexandra said...

Happy belated name's day Pelagia! I'm still not sure which St. Pelagia you have but I guess it doesn't matter. (There are two on this day) Many years to you! Looks like you had a great day on the beach with the babies and Rebecca. Does it seem easy with just "two" babies? Very cold here in the Yakima Valley and expecting it to be much colder tonight and Sunday night. Low 20's possible high teens. Pray that the crops and trees will survive and of course that farmer Jack & Gary and their many employees will be safe after spending many extra hours in addition to harvest getting ready for this unexpected freeze.