Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Here are some photos that have been accumulating. The one above is from about two weeks ago. Phoebe (far left) has her arm sticking out the crib (it is a Phoebe trademark to scoot to the edge), Paul (middle) has moved over to cuddle with his sister, and Benjamin (far right) is just snoozing.

This one is from one of Anastasia's last nights with us here in Greece. Here she's enjoying the famous sweet called the "Trigona" of Panorama.

Here's another photo of the babies sleeping. This one is from about 10 days ago. Paul is at left and Benjamin is at right, and Phoebe has scooted over to cuddle with Benjamin.

The latest wave of help -- Pres. Makrina, Symeon, and Grandma Joyce -- arrived on Friday evening. Here they are on Monday evening, taking in the view of Thessaloniki from the roof of our building.

And, finally, from yesterday, here I was trying to catch Benjamin smiling. :)

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Thanks, I needed that. Yiayia