Friday, May 08, 2009

Pottery Exhibit at the Turkish Bath

My mom arrived on Monday to help us, and the timing was perfect, as Pelagia is now getting quite big with the triplets.

We went out on a little excursion to celebrate Pelagia's birthday today. The first stop was a pottery exhibit of an acquaintance of ours. The neat part was where it was held -- a famous old Turkish bath house called the Bey Hamam.

We once went to another old Turkish bath house here in Thessaloniki for a concert, and both venues were great.

In the top photo, you can see my mom looking up at the ceiling, which you see in the two photos below.

In the photo immediately above, you can see Pelagia and my mom looking at one of the pottery pieces against a wall of the old "hot room" (I believe), with another table of pottery in the foreground.

Next we went to lunch at the Indonesian restaurant, which is run by our friend Gregory, an Indonesian convert to Orthodoxy and a relative of Fr. Daniel Byantoro.

Then we ended with a coffee, sitting outside at Starbucks next to the Kamara (the Arch of Galerius) in the center of Thessaloniki. We were joined by our friend Philip Navarro and enjoyed the beautiful weather (sunny, highs these days around 75-80).

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yudikris said...

Father, bless!

This blog is very awesome for me personally because it has so live pictures! So I add this blog to my blog list ( Thank you Father Edward

And, by the way you mention the name of my spiritual father, Father Daniel Byantoro. That's very great. And also my surprise knowing that he has also relative in Greece.

This blog has been a blessing for me and enrich my days, father!

Greetings from Indonesia