Friday, February 27, 2009

The Candidate's Speech

Bishop Maxim did the the censing after the Great Entrance, with the deacons standing opposite him as he censed (see above). Then I was led to a microphone in the center of the church, facing the bishop, where I delivered the candidate's speech, which Fr. Alexios had helped me prepare (the Greek was quite elevated). (See photo below.) In short, I expressed gratitude to God for this day and briefly reviewed my history -- how I became Orthodox and came to study in Greece -- for the benefit of the people in the parish. Then I thanked Bishop Maxim and promised to be an obedient son. Finally, I thanked the other priests present--particularly Fr. Joseph, Fr. Alexios, and Fr. Spyridon (our spiritual father)--and, of course, Pelagia.

I then took Bishop Maxim's blessing (see above), and he gave a short speech on the occasion, about the significance and duties of the priesthood (see below).

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