Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quick Trip to Volos

Today, Pelagia and I had to make a trip down to Volos for work. We left about 8:30 and arrived around 11:00. We went to the offices of the Metropolis, met with the Metropolitan and my co-workers there, and then left by about 1:30. On the way back, we stopped at an impressive looking castle that looks out over the water. I pass this every time I go to Volos but I never have time to stop, so today we decided to take a break from all the driving and go explore it.

The castle, as it turns out, is the Castle of Platamon, which was built by the Venetians. It's located approximately here, but right along the coast:

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The top photos are from near the entrance of the castle. The third was taken as we walked along the outside of the walls.

After briefly exploring the castle, we went down to the beach to try to find a place to eat. Most places were closed up (it's out of the beach tourist season now), but we finally found one place (see bottom photo) and had a nice little something to eat.

For more photos from the day (mostly the castle), click here.

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