Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hungarian Visitors

Well, my parade of visitors continues. From Friday until this morning, I hosted two Hungarian girls -- my friend Iren, along with her friend Zita. They both converted from Greek Catholic (Uniate) to Orthodoxy about 10 years ago. Hungary has only about 3000 Orthodox faithful, along with about 300,000 Uniates. The predominant religion, of course, is Roman Catholic. Of course, the Serbian Orthodox Church has a presence along its border with Hungary.

Anyway, I met Iren last year when she was in Thessaloniki for 3 months to study Greek. Now, she's traveling through the Balkans with her friend on a pilgrimage/vacation before returning to England, where she is doing an MA in the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies at Cambridge.

As usual, the Lillies hosted us all for a wonderful meal and company last night, and today they were off to continue their journey. The above photos were taken last night of our dog and cat playing with each other in an unusually affectionate way.

Iren and Zita left this morning, and in the afternoon three of my Serbian friends returned from their stay on the Holy Mountain, and so now they are staying with me until they leave for Belgrade tomorrow.

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