Wednesday, March 19, 2008

First Presanctified Liturgy

Well, I don't know that this is very "blog-worthy," but here's a very short video (22 seconds) from the Presanctified Liturgy that we just celebrated here in Panorama. It was inside our main parish of St. George's, but in the small side chapel dedicated to St. Nektarios.

I asked Pelagia to take the video because I wanted to be able to show the new dark-colored vestments I finally got yesterday (my Metropolis in Volos was kind enough to provide them for my use during Lent). Unfortunately, you can't seem them very well in this video. Maybe we'll get a good photo next time!

So, with dark vestments in hand, tonight was the first time I served in a Presanctified Liturgy.

At the end, Fr. Alexios brought out a small relic of St. Sava the Sanctified for veneration, in commemoration of the Church's celebration tomorrow, March 20 NS, of the monastics who were martyred at the St. Sava's monastery in Palestine.

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