Friday, October 12, 2007

Monday in Belgrade

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On Monday, we had beautiful weather – a little cool, but sunny. So we headed out to see Belgrade. The first stop was the Patriarchate, then we wandered over to St Mark’s, an enormous church. In its shadow (literally) was a tiny little white, green, and blue church, under the Moscow Patriarchate (third photo).

Belgrade has lots of beautifully manicured public parks and gardens, as you can see in the first and last photos.

St Mark’s is in the second photo. In the last photo, St Mark’s is in the background.

On Monday night, Bishop Maxim was celebrating a Vigil for St John the Theologian and Evangelist’s feast day at the saint’s church in the Theology School (Sept 26 OS). Nebojsa and Lepa drove us over there – it was a beautiful service. We were surprised to find that this church used almost entirely Byzantine music – and absolutely beautiful Byzantine music, at that. Check out a short video clip of it below (you can't see much in the video, but at least you can hear the music).

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