Thursday, August 02, 2007

Corfu Town

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After St Spyridon’s, we headed to the Metropolis, which houses the relics of St Empress Theodora, who freed the Church from iconoclasm in 842. For more information on the iconoclast heresy, click here.

Unfortunately, by the time we got there, the church was closed for mesimeri, the midday break. (The top photo is of the entrance to the Metropolis.) It was, by this time, extremely hot, so we sought refuge at a café which had shade and misters.

The second photo was taken at this spot, when the cheap sunglasses Kh Sophia had bought collapsed. ( :

We had quite an adventure finding where we had parked the car, but eventually we all made it to the boat in time for the 4:15 departure back to the mainland.

The third photo is of the island’s Old Fortress, which overlooks the capital of Corfu Town.

The last photo is of Corfu Town as we pulled out on the boat. You can see the Venetian architectural influence. It’s also interesting how stairs lead down from the main road to a little beach. You can see the doorway right about in the middle of the photo.

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