Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Terminal

You probably clicked on to this link expecting to see some photos of the Parthenon -- well, not quite yet. ( :

JFK Airport was closed this afternoon for a couple hours because of a thunderstorm, so our flight into New York was diverted to Philadelphia. We were on the plane 3 hours longer than expected (ugh), with no meal (budget cuts). When we finally did arrive in NY, we got off a plane full of irritable travellers and walked into a whole airport full of them. Every hotel within an hour was booked, of course, so we're spending the night in the terminal (have you seen the Tom Hanks' film "The Terminal"? Well, at least we found free wireless internet!

There are 2 flights to Athens tomorrow -- one around 2 PM and one at 5:40 PM. We're hoping we can get on one of them.

Meanwhile, we may try to go out and walk around New York a bit tomorrow morning, if possible. I would like to go see the World Trade Center site and the Orthodox church near it that ministered to the victims.

Please pray for us! This long trip has turned out even longer than expected!


Anonymous said...

New York will be blessed with the sweetest smiles known to mankind. You are in our prayers always. Love RM

Anagnosti said...

I can't find pictures of the Parthenon anywhere on the internet and I woke up early hoping to see some posted here. I am very disappointed.

Also- there's a limo waiting for you guys at the airport- just tell the driver that you're "O'Brian" and Pelagia is "Murphy"

anagnosti said...

You were greatly missed at Church this morning. Mary totally nailed tone 6. Your 'Byzantine Chant for Dummies' system is working wonders. But no matter how good she gets- you'll always be Devteropsaltis in our hearts!